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A service born of necessity.

All Pro TV & Internet has been in business since 2001 servicing the local community and surrounding areas. We believe that EVERY TV & Internet customer deserves to confidently know they have the best deal available and multiple options in the providers they choose. 

We pride ourselves in our personalized customer service fit to each individual customer's needs. NO long hold times, NO being transferred to different departments, NO speaking with a different person each time you call in; customers enjoy having their own personal customer service agent who is familiar with their account and will assist them in resolving any issues that arise.

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No job is too big or too small for our experienced agents and technicians.

We perform customized satellite television installations for both Directv and Dish Network. We also manage and coordinate orders and sales of AT&T Fiber and Spectrum Cable, giving our customers all the best options of major providers in the region with a personal touch. 

Our highly experienced technicians also perform TV mounting, pre-wiring, and re-mounting of satellite dishes for customers who have roofing work performed

If you think your TV/Internet bill is too high, you're receiving less than stellar customer service, or you just want to KNOW you're getting the best deal available, give us a try!! Getting the BEST deal on TV & Internet shouldn't have to suck. Give us a call and let us do the work for you.

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